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Reliability, Dependability, Durability.



​​​When it comes time to change the engine oil in your motorcycle, scooter, ATV, Side-by-Side, or snowmobile, there is no better choice than Yamalube.


Yamalube's line of care and maintenance products is formulated and manufactured to Yamaha’s stringent standards of quality. The very engineers who design high-performance Yamaha engines consult on the formulation of each Yamalube oil to be engine/application-specific and to meet/exceed industry standards like JASO MA. In other words, nothing enhances the performance or protects the advanced design of a Yamaha quite like Yamalube.

Yamalube engine oils also meet or exceed Powersports industry standards for protection and performance. Each one of our Yamalube products undergoes rigorous testing and has been proven to provide the performance and protection demanded by today’s advanced technology.

What are the benefits of using Yamalube engine oils?

  • Maintains its viscosity and characteristics
  • Provides balanced anti-friction protection
  • Specifically formulated for wet centrifugal clutch performance

The Yamalube family of products are the only products engineered to meet the unique demands, operating characteristics, and applications of Powersports products.

To protect your machine from the wear and tear of daily use, refer to your owner's manual, or contact your local authorized Yamaha dealer, for recommended products to enhance the performance, lower ownership costs, and extend the life of your Yamaha.

The YAMALUBE ADVANTAGE program is evolving

Yamaha launched the Yamalube Advantage program in 2016 to demonstrate our complete confidence in the unmatched quality and performance of Yamalube engine lubricants by offering the powersports industry’s first warranty program protecting registered customer vehicle’s internal engine parts from failure due to faulty engine oil for up to 20 years, 5,000 hours or 100,000 miles. Since the program’s inception, there has never been a single documented engine failure or claim on a Yamalube-maintained vehicle. Due to this inactivity along with ongoing monitoring and tracking requirements, Yamaha has decided to re-assess enrollment and documentation of the Yamalube Advantage program going forward.

What does this mean for those already enrolled?

Your coverage will not change! For all, actively participating, registered Yamalube Advantage customers, continue using Yamalube oil and filters on your vehicle, continue documenting oil change service records*, dates, mileage (or hours) and saving all receipts, and Yamaha will continue to ensure your engine will be free from failure caused by Yamalube engine oil for up to 20 years, 5,000 hours or 100,000 miles** under previously established terms of the Yamalube Advantage program***. Should you have any questions about coverage or if you wish to file a claim, please contact Yamaha Customer Relations (Motorsports) at 1-800-962-7926 concerning all future inquiries.

*Oil change service will consist of exclusively using the appropriate Yamalube Engine Oils and a Yamaha Genuine Oil Filter (if an oil filter is applicable) at every factory-specified oil change interval for the registered Qualified Product.

**The earlier to occur of 100,000 miles, or 5,000 hours of operation on the Qualified Product (if no odometer), or 20 years from Valid Registration.

Want more info?  Download our full terms and conditions.